Critical Energy Issues Discussion Webinar Recording…and Other Stuff

This morning I did a webinar with Dr. Scott Shemwell, Critical Energy Issues Discussion Webinar, and we recorded it.  Basically, all I do is set things up for the guy with all the information.  Dr. Shemwell is the one who did all the heavy lifting on this.  The webinar covers topics like integrity management, a new critical energy issues forum, an Economic Value Proposition Matrix designed for the industry, and a lot of other information.  However, we managed to keep it around 45 minutes, and I like to talk so that was a bit of a challenge.

A lot of this revolves around the SEMS (Safety Environmental Management System) regulations.  After the BP Macondo (Deepwater Horizon) incident, these issues really took center stage, and the final rule is out.  The deadline approaches for the audits done by accredited third party auditors. (It is November 15, 2013).  SEMS may only apply to deepwater operations now, but word is that it will be spreading to shallow water and onshore operations before too long.  The webinar goes over a lot of really great information, and since you aren’t getting the webinar live, comment with any questions that come up.  I’ll take them to the expert (whoever that may be) and I’ll reply to your comment with the answer.  The same thing goes for information on PennEnergy Research or the Oil & Gas Journal Site License program.  If you know someone you think would be interested in this, then share the love.  The webinar is free and runs about 45 minutes.

During the webinar, Scott references a lot of different different sites, so I wanted to make sure that everybody could find all the things.  If you’re in the Houston area there’s the upcoming breakfast to kick off the Critical Energy Issues Forum on October 24, 2013 at the Deep Offshore Technology Conference in The Woodlands, TX.  We hope that you’ll be able to join us there for an in depth discussion of the topics covered in the webinar, and you can register here for that event.  If you’d  like to become a member of the Critical Energy Issues Forum that begins on November 1, 2013, you can register for your member only access here.  Dr. Shemwell’s Governing Energy blog regarding good practices in the nuclear industry will be going up shortly, and you can read that as well as previous posts and additional blogs posted on PennEnergy.

‘Til next time,