All About Me! Energize Me, Baby!

Hello!  I’m Jessica and I work for a media company in the energy sector.  After spending nearly a decade in the banking and finance industry, energy is new for me, and I’m learning all the time.  Every day I’m amazed at the convergence of old and new that I see in the energy world.

What do I really do? I’m a salesperson for a leading oil & gas publication and a research and data center that covers the entire energy sector.  This means that I end up getting a nice view of the whole industry or the “forest”, but because I work with the research and data center, I need to be familiar with all of the “trees” too.  Two years into this adventure, and every conversation with a client or subject matter expert that I work with teaches me something new or adds depth.

Why start a blog about it?  There are a lot of conferences and trade shows that I attend, and without fail, at every event I meet at least half a dozen people who are just starting out in the industry and feel just as lost as I did.  They’re looking for information that is accessible and easy to absorb for someone who isn’t a scientist and doesn’t have an engineering degree.  I’m a big geek, and I think this stuff is cool. (Even when I don’t understand all the science behind it)  I work for a media company and we publish a lot of great information.  I read a lot of energy news that comes from our publication and other sources from all over the world, and through this, I work with a lot of subject matter experts in the industry. (I’m not shy about asking them questions either!)

What can you expect to see here? It will be an evolutionary process. (this is not so secret code for “I don’t really have a plan)  There will be information about what I see at trade shows and conferences I attend.  Links to articles, videos and other awesome things that I find about the energy industry.  I know a few great experts that I’ll probably talk to and write about our conversations too.  Really, what will end up happening is you will help me shape the content.  Comment with questions, or…comments on stuff that I write.  Tell me that I’m on target or way off base.  That’s the kind of thing that is going to help all of us learn more about what the vision for the future of the energy sector can be.

All views, opinions, and comments are my own.


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